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Experimental Large Jazz Ensemble

In whatever direction jazz might develop, I am ready to welcome the new jazz, bye-bye jazz era!
Our music is meant to free jazz from jazz, without any labels. 

Twelve first-class Korean jazz musicians have come together under the name of Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester. Their European debut Tschüss Jazz Era was released on Challenge Records, followed by a stage debut at BIMHUIS Amsterdam and at the Tillberg Theatre on 28 December 2017.

JTO is a big jazz ensemble consisting of five horns, cello, male voice, a four-piece rhythm section and composers with a unique, contemporary jazz interpretation and modern, original compositions.

Jungsu Choi has put together a great contemporary jazz ensemble with Korea’s best jazz musicians: Jinho Pyo (voice), Eunmi Kim (flute), Yusun Nam (alto saxophone), Hachul Song (tenor saxophone), Yejung Kim (trumpet), Junyeon Lee (trombone). They show an incredible performance, transporting Jungsu’s exceptionally demanding music with skill and creative solo performances.

The compact big band Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester shows well how modern, orchestral jazz can interpret old jazz standards in a unique fashion.


This is not an ordinary big band sounds that you have listened to.

”JTO has put together a sensational record that not only revitalizes both big band and fusion but also spawns

something entirely new...absolutely slay. Incredible.”

★★★★★ / UK

“Choi's Tiny Orkester leaves no doubt that it is a topnotch player...He is a talented composer / arranger who certainly bears watching”

★★★★★  All About Jazz / US


"These ensembles broaden horizon of jazz expression. JTO can't help sounding conservative.

While Choi's writing for his Korean band is far from precdictable, he achives a big band sound with a 10 piece unit.


 It should certainly be considered for best jazz orchestra… & I can’t emphasize it strongly enough – this IS the NEW JAZZ!
★★★★★  Contemporary Fusion Reviews / US

“At the moment, twelve high-profile musicians from Korea..They will open a new horizon in this year.”

 HR / German public broadcast

“This is a super-structured orchestral jazz

 NPO / Netherlands national broadcast

Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester
Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester at BIMHUIS
Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester
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